Tuesday, March 21, 2017

- Tuesday

Bruce and our friends arrived safely. The kids and I were so excited to see them! We spent two nights in the big city. Bruce and I were surprised at how many tourists were visiting the city, we rarely heard the local language. We enjoyed introducing our friends to some of our favorite foods and desserts. 
Sunday we joined with some other folks to worship. We sang in three or four different languages and the pastor did amazing speaking two languages back and forth so we could all understand. In the afternoon we went out to share and had some great conversations. At times we were using three different languages to communicate but we did it!
Monday we traveled to a city on the coast. We will spend the rest of our time here. 
It has been neat to see the kids and how they react to being here. Isaac is the most uncomfortable bc he can't communicate but he is very concerned about the poor and beggars we have encountered. He asks every time we leave to walk somewhere for a coin to carry in case he sees someone in need. Eli is trying very hard to learn words and phrases so he can communicate. He seems very comfortable with the people we have spent time with old and new. Lillian is soaking it all in and enjoying every second. It's obvious this feels like home to her still.
This is us on the walk home from dinner. Eli is a blur bc he can't stand still. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Thursday & Friday

We had an uneventful trip back to the big city! Yay! We spent the evening and morning visiting with American friends from our old neighborhood. It was good to catch up and learn better how to lift them up.
This afternoon we went to visit our old next door neighbor. She's had a baby since we left so it was good to love on her!
 This evening we had dinner with a couple families from our old apartment complex. Their children went to school with Lillian, they were in the same class. They had so much fun playing and catching up.
 God has been so gracious to us this week. He has protected us and given us the endurance to do all the visiting we had hoped to accomplish. The kids have done really well, I'm so proud of them. Daddy arrives tomorrow, we can not wait!!!!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


We had a great day with our friends! It started out with breakfast. Well first let me say, we all slept all night!!!!! Hallelujah! After four days we were ready for a full night's sleep. Now back to breakfast. It was amazing, the cheese the olives the kaymak and honey and o so much more. It was a feast according to Eli.
The kids played after breakfast but to spare the downstairs neighbor who isn't used to the chaos that ensures when the LePoint kids are trapped inside an apartment we went to the mall for a bit. The kids played in the arcade then we ate in the food court. 
We chilled this afternoon at the house then ate Manti for dinner, another delicious meal! It's like little ravioli with a garlic yogurt sauce.
This evening my friend's mom arrived from the coast for a visit. She brought all kinds of treats for us. Once we got the kids to bed we enjoyed sweet treats and hot tea.
My language held up today, mostly bc I have a patient friend, but the Lord as well has been gracious to me. 
Tomorrow we take the fast train back to the big city.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


We made to the next city!

We took two subway trains and a fast train. Isaac kept asking when we were gonna get on a real train. I had to ask him to define 'real train' and he said one that goes"choo choo" 😂 I think their favorite part was the coat hangers at your seat. It did go pretty fast, I think at some point we were going 155 mph. Didn't feel like it but I don't know what I thought it would feel like!?!?

The kids played all afternoon with my friend's daughter. She did so well with three kids speaking English all day. She just spoke to the boys in her language like they understood. Lillian was rusty with language but is trying.

I enjoyed the afternoon with my friend and her relative that is visiting as well. We ate delicious soup and spinach. I forgot what an amazing cook she is! She reminded me why I love spinach. Now if I can just do that with it when I get home!! My language is in and out. I can't remember simple words at times but my friend has been so gracious. It will probably help a whole lot if I could actually sleep tonight. So with that I'm signing off. 
My camera phone is not working. I have taken some pics on the tablet so maybe tomorrow I can add them.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Today was great! I was able to join with other women and lift up concerns, requests and praises. It was such a joy to catch up with them.
We had an incredible feast for lunch. I had never tried this Iranian food before. I really enjoyed it.
It's rained every day we've been here. Supposedly it was nice the two weeks before. A friend teased and said the weather was special order just for my visit. 
Since the kids have been cooped up in the apartment, tonight we took them to an indoor play place. They enjoyed running, sliding, zip lining and a maze. It was one of the neatest I've seen. 
Eli and I enjoyed this sweet baby girl in the food court after dinner. Isn't she precious!?
Tomorrow we will take the fast train to a new city to visit friends. I'm a little nervous since I've never been there but praying it goes smoothly and asking that my language will be sufficient to have meaningful catch up and encouraging conversations.

Sunday, March 12, 2017


The kids slept really well. Eli struggled with nights terrors and restless sleep for a few hours but I imagine it was from complete exhaustion. The other two were up from 3am-4am but laid patiently in bed until they could fall back asleep. We've stayed busy today so I have high hopes for our sleep tonight.
This morning we were able to worship at an international fellowship. It was good to see friends again and the message was challenging, encouraging us to take risks for the cause of J C. He's worth it!
After lunch we went to Lillian's favorite restaurant and enjoyed lots of local food. I forgot my phone so I can't show you but I'll get some pics of our favorites at some point on this trip.
We also re learned how to use the squatty potty. O the adventure!!
The kids played all afternoon. It's pretty cold and rainy so they are ready to get outdoors but they have been having fun!
 The boys watching a show before bed. This is the only time they've been still all day!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

We made it!

 The kids and I made it. They were great travelers! 
The plane had seats in groups of three so they sat together and I sat across the aisle. For take off and landing that was not allowed so a nice looking stranger chosen at random was asked to come and sit with one of the kids during take off and landing. 
When we got settled in the air Isaac said, "oh I can't wait to eat all the good I've been missing!" Then when Eli got his sour cherry juice with the breakfast service I just happened to catch his response to the first sip, his eyebrows went up and he said, "mmmm"
On landing Isaac sat in front of us with a friendly couple but had second thoughts and asked to hold my hand for a while. 
Friends picked up us at the airport. The kids played hard tonight and are now sleeping. Let's hope we can make it till the sun rises!!!